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Sep 13, 2010 11:00pm PDT
live coverage. nbc's jean elle was there. but first, agonizing stories of loss from families of the victims. george? >> part of the rebuilding of this community will focus on healing. friends and neighbors are trying to hold each other up, but there is still much pain. >> there's nothing else i can say other than she was just a beautiful person, and i'm going to miss her a lot. >> every time she sees a picture, she sees the smile that warmed her heart. >> never in my wildest dreams did i ever imagine this would be the last time i would ever see her. >> they are doing what they can to help out jessica's family. >> to speak to her mom is heart-wrinheart heart-wrenching. you put yourself in her parents' place. i know how much i loved their daughter, i can't imagine how much they're feeling pain. >> pain is what they're feeling right now. his friends, william bulless, skpl others are gone. >> i think we're all grieving for the loss of our dear friends. >> they've spent the past few days looking for the bulles family. but no sign at all. >> it's really unnerving because i really w
Sep 2, 2010 5:30pm PDT
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Sep 9, 2010 5:30am EDT
yesterday. we will barely get to 72 at lunchhime. 77 degrees for the daytime igh. -ell,,let's see how the roadways morning. here is lauren cooke nce again. >> reporter: thank you, tony. we are dealing with the malfunctioning traffic light in it's going to be at the interssction of eaat northern parkway at charles street. fortunatell for you headed into the city, the fax is looking good. %-695.e no probllms to report on checking in and takkng a live look at the top ide. at york road cars are movingg33 along just fine. you're looking at an 11-minute ride from 95 to 83. all will be clear if you'ree3 traveling from the tunnels from the fort mchenry tunnel toll toothe beltway. you're lookkng aa an 8-minute -ide from to 65. you're looking at a 9-minute ride with an average speed of 53 miles per hour. patrice, back to you. >>> thank yyu, lluren. >>> coming up on 5:31 now on fox 45 early edition. the search is on for a suspect who ssabbed a man and left him for dead. it happened at ric reisterstown early thissmorring. megan gilliland is live this morning where police are searching for clue
Sep 16, 2010 2:00pm EDT
? >> it's afternoon. >> have to drink a lot of coffee. you're talking about this controversy in "elle" magazines. she's on the cover of many magazines for this special october issue. they have four cover models on various magazines. you may go to a newsstand and not see gabbi. here's a photo of her. here's a photo of the magazine. it appears just to the naked eye that her skin tone was lightened considerably for this october photo shoot. now the people at "elle" magazine deny doing anything of the sort. they say her cover was not retouched anymore or less than the others, referring back to the other three cover models on other magazines. i don't know. i took this around to a lot of photo editors here, and they're all experts. they say that looks like the kind of situation that has been retouched. i've reached out to her people who issued no comment. they want you to think of her being on the cover as celebrating her. they don't want want you focusing on it. >> if you look at these pictures, and maybe it's makeup. >> or maybe it's lighting or something like that. it's drastically diffe
Sep 11, 2010 11:00pm EDT
.h@univisionpi extra >> sibargÓ, josÉ luis se ve sÓ de cecilia.h@isionpi exth@se >> Ía er h@ivisiopi eh@ro ell, eso lo desbordÓ. >> incluso la agrediÓ fÍsicamente cuando ella se negÓ a aceptarlo nuevamente. >> me agarrÓ del cuello y me asfixiÓ.univnxtra >> aar de ese incidente, desenlace tan terrible.h@univise solamente el sabe lo que ha hecho. >> univpiaquel fatÍdico día axe tiago salieron con su e como siempre pero nadibÍa que no los volvehÍan a con vida. cecilia recuerda la pesadilla. >> cuando lleguÉ vi h@univision@ de sangre en la cama. >> saliÓ en busca de ayuda pero una llamada de ariel confirmarÍa lo peor. >> resuena celular y h@univisiÉm dice: ya los encontraste? le dije que no y me dijo que los buscara por quÉ nos habÍa do enta basuh@ivisiopi eh@univna su panos re el du fina la hiia, union extra bÚueda aextraÑr divisolas pendientes del paisaje, >>policía le pnta se ido.union @ puede ir a esa zona, llegÓ y repararÉ los chicos que estaba allÍ. >> en el lugar enfurecido le preguntÓ a ariel por sus nietos. >> h@univisionpi extrah@h@univi@ tendria que haberlo matado. >> p
Sep 1, 2010 4:30am PDT
. we have team coverage this morning of this complex and developing story, beginning with jean elle. >> this is not like mom. she doesn't do this. >> reporter: joe smart and his extended family are desperate to find his wife, carol smart. no one has see the vallejo woman since last wednesday. smart's posting fliers, working with police and a private detective, determined to find the woman he says lived to give back to children who grew up poor like her in the philippines. >> she didn't have a chance to go to school. now she's putting a bunch of kids through school in the philippines. she's good people. >> reporter: 60-year-old smart is missing, along with her friend, 67-year-old rita. smart went to see her wednesday. she left golden rod, heading a few blocks away to upland court, but something happened. both of the women's cars were missing until this morning. smart's kids found her car parked in an apartment complex on richardson drive. but segendena's white cadillac escalade is missing. joe's afraid an old renter of segendena might have done to the women. he kicked alfred out a fe
Sep 27, 2010 12:00pm EDT
of glen ells, north of 108, this is moving to the north at 25 miles per hour. but it has got a pronounced notch to it. it does have signs of circulation. i have not had any confirmed reports of a tornado, but i really want to get in and show you where this storm is right now. we are going to zoom in and try to throw some extra towns on for you so you get an idea where this. here's timberlily. we'll keep going to fox town farms. this storm is moving to the north at 25 miles per hour. timberly, locust ridge, cameron track, watch out. just to the west of far side here. fox den farms, you're on the west side of this, but there could also be some hail that we're looking at with this storm as it moves off to the north at 20, 25 miles per hour. very heavy rainfall with this. not really picking up much in the way of lightning. but as we look at the velocities from the next rad, we do have a tiny bit of rotation. you can see this thing quickly is moving. you see the greens, the reds, in the a big signature there, but this combined with what we were looking at with the storm system with the notches
FOX News
Sep 13, 2010 6:00am EDT
he really get h message? e'll see how he closed the show. more controversy at the vma's. how did i get any rest? "fox & friends" starts now. >> howdy, folks. welcome, everybody, to studio e live from rockefeller center. kind of a drizzly rainy day here in the northeast. hope you're having a good day so far. good morning, brian. good morning, gretch. >> gad morning. i guess that means you were up late as usual. >> i have trouble sleeping on sundays. dallas and washington.nd that will do it a same as the vma's. kind of interesting, lindsay lohan was on them. a little bit of a skit in the beginning so i watched. i feel somewhat in tune with the next generation. >> young people. >> i feel so out of touch. i watched not one second of it. >> gretch, saw it as well. we have some highlights for people who missed it. find out how chelsea handler did as the hostess with the mostest. sans alcohol which is her trademark. >> sunday shows on earlier. >> yeah, john boehner was a guest on the cbs show. of course, he is the republican minority leader in the houscomid he's been coming under attack
Sep 8, 2010 6:00pm PDT
. every tourist destination as an icon that every visitor has to see. paris has the i've ell tour, new york city has the statue of liberty and san francisco has the golden gate bridge and the painted ladies of post card row. this is on the eastern view from on top of alamo square hill. and this image of san francisco that everyone sees, over 15 million visitors come to our city and most of them want to take a photograph of this. the allure is understandable. more than a century of history on thousands of glossy photos. in the two blocks of victorians on the eastern side of the square offering differing perspectives of this view and countless post cards and images of our blocks. what sort of face do you guys want to see from the top of alamo square? it is important to keep overgrown existing trees -- >> [inaudible] commissioner fung: i had two questions for the appellant. your report indicates that a recommendation would be just a smaller size, but same species. is that what your intent is? >> it is. i remember standing at this podium at the hearing with d.p.w. and i remember saying we'
Sep 22, 2010 11:00pm EDT
see a large amount of heroin and a managed to make three arrest. another day and elle local family -- and other local family has lost their homes to fire. it happened around 9:30 this morning. officials said a fire caused the propane gas tank -- tank on the deck to explode. the six people inside were able to safely escaped. just yesterday, a fire in north baltimore left an entire family without a home. that broke out early yesterday. some inside jumped to safety, including the families grandmother. no one was seriously injured. it was a bit of a stormy night across our area. lightning lit up the sky around the door of baltimore as we felt under a thunderstorm watch. here is how looks around day 30 tonight. that same system brought powerful storms earlier in the day as well. a massive tree came crashing down. we will have more on the system that moved through coming your way. this story now that affects just about everyone of us. they are tearing up our cars, that is the findings of the national transportation group. rent the baltimore area as the 10th worst in the country. -- ranke
Sep 3, 2010 5:30pm EDT
peoole in our ugitive the news feature sectionnes in >>> ell us how you are fighttng back. let us know what you are doing to try to clean up the streets where you live. giveeus a call at this number on the screen. >>> how are the roads looking liie going in the lengthy holidaa weekenn. lauren has the traffic edge report. >> hi jeff. ffr those traveling to the beach this labor day weekend there are no probbems to report at the chesapeakkebay bridge but we -úhave a lot of problemsson our mainnline close to balttmore. disabled car on the northbound lanes of 95 at 6 navy and big delay on 95 as you make your way into harpee county checking in and live look at jaffa road. the northbound anes are really going to ad crash at mountain road. % travel to the tunnel l and 8 95 and we are dealing with a disabled car along the south bound lanes there at the foot mcheery unnel. west side of the belt way laccing at 45 miles er hour here at liberty% roadd ut we are dealing with and as kahn see moving along okay. that will not be the of the belt way. we arep side dealing with disabled car.
Sep 8, 2010 5:30am EDT
with 75 ind.c. 744in salisbury and hagerstown 75 as ell. you see the winds are ouu of the south for the most part, between 5 to 15 miles per hour.3 southwesterly flow, will become more westerly and with the winds, and that actual southerly flow we will see the ccance of morning.le flooding this a coastal flood aavisory issued for west side of the chesapeakk bay, minnr flooding possible there becauseeof the flow coming up from the south. then we will be talking about a %-conducive, because it's very y -utside for the eesy -- well for fires to easily ignite. we ant to be awaae of that, too. meanwhile, we have the frontal boundary aware. still getting the ssopinggwinds oo theedown sloping winns as i mentiined. -hat depresses th!!! compressesr will follow. that will bring the temperatures to upper 70s. this will beetheeremnants of hermine as it moves to the north -nd west. it will bring more moisttre. theefrontta boondary could bring us a chance of showers or evee ú expecting toobe anything severe. if we can use thh rain so we won't mind that really. high today ffr thh eastern sho
Sep 9, 2010 11:00pm EDT
. that is probably the bestt3 decision he has had in his whole life. >> ell, just this afternoon, donald trump got involved in the ground zero mosque debate. he offered to buy the site for what the developer paid, plus 25 percent. all cash. and immediate closing. developer to build tte mmsque five blocks away, from ground zero. no comment from the builder or >> very unusual cappure at dullls airport over the labor day holiday weekend. get this. snails, a traveler from west africa tryyng to bring 4 giant african land snail into the u.s. they can grow eiggh by four. and are considered a majjr threat bbcaase they seriouslyy3 and quickly damage crops. destroyed. >> another amazing day today. almost felt like fall. >> more of the same going into the weekend. check back with meteorologist emily gracey with the latest sky watch ffrecast. >> as you step outside this eveninn. -ool temperatures, across the area. from the skycam..3dy. we are dry this eveniig. and we are cooling down. into the mid 60s already in %-with partly cloudy skies. and winds out of tte west-northwest. we will keep ooling about annth
Sep 10, 2010 11:00pm EDT
-ray. a problem beccuue pennies made after 19833are coded with zinc, which can breakdown a dog's blood ells. isis was rushed to surgery and is expected to be okay. >> a little poorer but probably feels better. -> a soldier comiigghome from girlfriend.3 >> kenny chessler was overseas nine months but making plans while there. when kenny hugged his mommshe passed him a ring. then the proposal. >> ken and he christie are not they plan to get married next week. -> the countdown continues. until the ravens auto open up the regular season, monday night against the jets. ravens have been in preparation mode all week long. because it is the first regularú seaaon game and it is a monday against former ravens' defensive coordinator rex ryan. the key to stoppinn jets is to stop the run. the jets brought in ladamienú and second year back shawn green with a couple 100-yard games there. and he is the top running back. focus for the defense. >> they are a running football and the bottom line, i think, that they pride themselves in being able to run the footbaal, ourselves, in any great again, itself in
Sep 13, 2010 5:30am EDT
hurricane is brewing in theeaalantic. -nd meteerologist steve fertig will ell us wheee it's brewing and if it could post a threat to the east coast. >> >>> just a few more hours. tonight thh ravens kickofff3 the 2010 season against the new york jets on monday night football and the photos are coming into our websites as fans get ready. this photo comes from david hicks in balttmore.ú picture was a redskins fan buthe he lostta bet and he hhd to wear ravens gear. can you sppt who he is? he is the guy in the middle witt thh miseerble face. %oo bad for you, go ravens..3 showing off your purple pride. just go o and click the community features section. keep those pictures coming? >>> now we want to get a check of he forecast, meteorologist steve ter ti fertig with what wd expect. >> for those die hards making the trip to the mead meadow lan, cleer skies and a south wind aa 5-10 mmles per hour. we are ready for football. >>> as far as what we have for sky hd radar, dry condiitons, lookingy ut there f it wwsn't for the fog. there's a bbt of fog after the moosttre and
Sep 20, 2010 5:30pm EDT
directly from the ell phone if you wish to picks at fox >>> great weatter keepss% oncoming. >> there are changes on the way. still ahead vyyas tellss% way. still ahead vyyas tellss% us when it is >>>kids and adhd. coming up. úhy patients not drugs could be the key to successful treatment. >> maryland first slots parlor was to open next week buttit was to open next week buttit might not happen.i'll tax on everything you buy? that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan. 23% sales tax. a 23% sales tax will cut my business in half. would be devastating. andy harris' 23% sales tax absolutely makes no sense. 23% sales tax would really make things unaffordable. that's too high for the average american out here. i don't know how we would manage it really. don't like that idea. we can't afford andy harris' idea. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. >> peoppe about. >> panel of econooist says the national bureau f economicr. research says the recession ended in june of 2009. by statistics the recession lasted 18 months. that makes it the longest recession ii u... since w
Sep 21, 2010 5:30pm EDT
ccmpaign but from a media outlet. john. >>reeorter: ell this addwas produced by the o'malley campaign but it features urlich. video taken from an interview that aired on maryland public television. >> property tax s well as a lot of fee increases. as you know there's a big difference between fee and taxes. >>reporter: this ad was taken from a public affair show that aired last month but executives say they did not give the o'malley campaign permission to use the video. m p t is partially funded by the state and is technically a state agency. executives were concerned the ad might ccnvey the message that m p t supportssthe incumbent governor. officials say they are non-partisan. as for your lick he's trying to clarify his position on fee that is were approved when he was governor. o'malley now trying to take credit for program -úfunded by those fees. >> because we are campaigning and transportation bill. he's running around the state guees where the dollars came from he can't have it both ways. >>reporter: several new campaign ads are now airing in baltimore. one that criti
Sep 21, 2010 11:00pm EDT
"don't ask, don't -ell" falls shy on capitol hill today in d.c. senate republicans block the bill that innluded $725 billion inndefense speeding and pay raises for our troops. many democrats hope senator susan coolins of main woulddbe the 60th deciding vote. but she voted along party lines. >> i was the soul republican in the committee, that voted for the lieberman languaae on "don't ask, don't tell". i think it is the right thing o do..3 but i cannot voteeto proceed toú this bill under a situation hat it is going to shut down the debate, and preclude republican amendments, that is not fair. >> other republicans argued that congress needs to let the military finish its own suuvey on "don't ask, on't tell" so it can also weigh-in on this policy. >> tonight the whit white house said president obama's tough economic adviser plans to leave the aaministration at the end of the year. and llwrence summees will leave his post as director of the national economic council to return tooharvard unnversity. summers departure comes among the sluggish economic recooery that saw unemployment
Sep 22, 2010 5:30pm EDT
this thunderstorm ell.@ we may have a potential for some more activity llter this eeeningg severe thunderstorm watch and peak here ffr central maryland until 10:00, eastern shore until 11 o'clock. you caa see the warnings still across the border inth here. dip down into the state so we this evening in the next severa3 hours to see if any of that will >> 94 in, 94 hagerstown, 79 in oakkand where the rain-cooled air as theefront approaches. it's really not going to change the temperattres much.@ we're still going tt be on the that should stay forrthe nnxtre@ several days here. tonight expect to see showers and thunderstorms possible. temperatures down to 7 deggeee. i'll have a closer look at how long thii potential severe weather will tick around and %-sticking around as well as we -et towards the weekend.3 forecast. own personalized forecast.f your iradar is is now available at go to >>> so long simoo, kara and ellen.3 hello steven and jenniffr. tax on everything you buy? that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan. 23% sales tax. a 23% sales tax w
Sep 24, 2010 11:00pm EDT
. >> studenns and faculty were asked to reflect. listen. think about personal rrsponsibility as ell as violence prevention. >> they want us to promote a culture of respect. and help people realize when dangerous things are happening in their community. understand how to react. and to takk appropriate action. >> by day's end, the black vails on the rotunda will be liftedd >> at the same time, we want to channel our grief into energy. energy we can use to begin the work of building stronggr, %->> uva's president said she hopes this conversation continues throughout the year, with studeets finding new and creative ways to not only listen but help each other. %-jail in charlottesville, he hs a court appearance scheduled fo3 october 8. jail today but only for a short time. just a few hours, as a matter of fact. lohan failedda rug test last week. and this evening another judge said it was unlawful to hold lindsay in jail until her court appearance next month. so that judge set a $300,000 bail for her. she is expected to be out ssme time tonight. >> a scandal at a chrysler workers in hot waterrtoni
Sep 30, 2010 5:00am EDT
offering new disccunts and new jobs. we have more in the businnss report. >>> ell, mortgage rates still falling for tte 4th straight weekk even with rates of historic low, refinancing action dropping to a 7 week low. >>> a pretty quiet day ffr stocks. the nasdaq and s&p losiig a %-more of the money it spend on the bail out. the treasury department starting to seel mmre than $2 billion of ciii grouppstock it owned. up more of them.l's is serving the departmeet store ccain of them opening up 21 new stores n 50 states, crrating 3,000. >>jobs. kohl's adding 1,000 jobs as pprr of its customer service unii..3 ú-video games in 3-d?nintenno until after the holidayss a 3d ersiin of the handheld system is coming next february. that is business. >>> coming up preparing for a ♪ [ female announcer ] it starts with you falling in love with the most personalized most customized piece of furniture you will ever own. ♪ get that one piece right and the rest of the room will just fall into place. it starts with you introducing yourself to the world of ethan allen. see your ethan allen design center
Sep 30, 2010 5:30am EDT
see andd3 certainly thereeare. it's just not stoom centers in terms of ells. the heavier rain is going to move in that direction. any rainfall, but will get toeng that lattr. the moisture cominn from the south. we do havv flood watches as far as the tornado watch. that's the flood watch, through3 and the flash-flood watch for the southern part of the eastern shore..3 ú%ntinue nto the afternoon hours and late mooniig hours, at 10:45. we have a flash-flood aach in ú%ace ffr the evening. a wind advisory in place for the eastern part oo thh eastern shore and the west side of the south with anne arunnel points south. 40 miles per hour. of the severe wwatherr we wwll continue to watch the here ii lauren cooke with the -raffic edge. lauren, it's kind of crazy out -here. >> reporrer: yess yes to ssy the llast. the rain is making for a heck kickkcommute. traveling in baltimore county at the middle river. rain is ssarting to rise at martin boulevard and mooing in south ball. wwedo reports of a car stuck in %-west patapsco avenue.ock of trouble in anne arunnel county3 where we are d
Sep 17, 2010 4:00am EDT
headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus, sure, they're known as man's best friend, but we'll ell you about a special few who have been recognized as genuine heroes. you're watching "early today." >>> welcome back. let my take you thugh your forecast. a little rain in new england that exits quickly. we're hot all friday, saturday and sunday. the cool air this weekend will be up in the northern plains and great lakes. look at highs only in the 60s. even on sunday, highs around 66 n chicago. we look rather nice around the mid-atlantic. d.c., 84 on sunday. if you're watching us on wdiv 4 in detroit, michigan, celebrate creativity. set brating exhibitions at the annual diy street fair. that's your arly today" event of the day. >> sound like fun. thanks, bill. >>> now here's a look at this morning's headlines in entertainment. we now know whether joaquin phoenix's retirement from acting to start a rap career was real or fake. his brother told the "new york times" the whole thing, including phoenix's appearance last year on david letterman was a hoax. >>> after 54 years, today is the final episod
Sep 19, 2010 10:00am EDT
to make sure the government mandates work, you have to hire more i.r.s. agents, ell, they're not going to fund hiring more i.r.s. agents. chris: what if the president, send him a bill. >> there's going to be one fight in washington next year and it's going to be over the budget. they're going to be at the brink. it all depends on who controls the assistant. senate. if you only have a democratic house and republican senate, at the end of the day, congress has toigure out something. if this is a republican-controlled congress, i think shutdown is probable, because -- i think they will see this as a way to do contrasts. they're both going to try to find way. chris: does he have bill clinton's finesse and plainness. >> obama doesn't play confrontation politics the chicago way. this is wherehe rubber meets the road. chr: you mean jimmy the cop, if they go after you with a knife, go after him with a gun? >> exactly. gingrich versus clinton, who was blamed for the shutdown? >> clinton worked with republicans. isis he going to be clinton or jimmy carter? >> obama can work with republicans. he
Sep 23, 2010 4:00am EDT
will stop a ban on gay adoption. >>> eight current and former officials of a los angeles suburb of ell, california, had their first day in court yesterday over after alleged involvement in a pay scandal. the city manager paid himself almost $800,000, almost double the yearly salary of the nation's president. the eight did not enter aplea. their arraignment bill be held next month. >>> scientist he say they've discovered fossils of two new dinosaur species in the desert. >>> and it may not have been the ideal celebration, but what about 33 miners trapped underground in chile celebrated his 32nd birthday yesterday. the men estimated wl be rescued around christmas. >> here is an early look at how wall stre will kick off the day. the dow opens at 10,739 after loogz 21 points yesterda the s&p lost 12 points and the nasdaq dropped 14. taking a look at overseas trading this morning, in tokyo, the nikkei sank 35 points, but in hong kong, the hang se added 45. >>> investors put faith in the fed yesterday and placed their betts on the bond market. traders took the central bank's boost that it co
Sep 28, 2010 4:00am EDT
't. >> i don't know. maybe this is not --e'll let them sort it out. >> all right. >>> this one comes to us from nashville, tennessee, where a country music gem backed to country music is shining once again. the grand ole opry reopens its doors tonight after a recent flood damage threatened to wash away what some call the home of american music. >>> the early reminder of the flood music is on the wall and a piece of the original stage where many a star was born. >>> i'm veronica de la cruz, and this is "early today," just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station. >>> 4:28 is your time now. 70 degrees out there. clouds left in the sky. looks like the rain has cleared out for now. good morning. i'm eun yang. >>> good morning. i'm joe krebs. welcome on tuesday, the 28th day of september. right now rain moving into the area. messy morning commute. i-66 towards manassas. rain already falling out there. check in with jerry edwards for a loo at the impact on the rain on the traffic. first of all, let's get a check of the traffic. >>> here it come. another surge after a bit of a lull ov
Sep 17, 2010 6:00am PDT
of the area and we clear out early next week. back to you. >> popular women's magazine elle catching flag for the airbrushing of precious star gabby sidibe. a lot of people think she was airbrushed to look lighter. check out covers. quite a difference. elle said the picture was not retouched more or less than other stars. some said it's cropped and doesn't show her curves as opposed to most covers that are full body shots. >>> plenty of questions about what went wrong in san browno and an update on the investigation. >> the well that spilled nearly 200 million gallons of oil into the gulf could be dead this weekend. a live report is next. >> a fourth sexual assault at a walnut creek complex, but a suspect has been in custody. i'm christie smith and i will explain. >>> a live look outside. the saun starting to come , tbu a cloudy start and a muggy feel. we will update, coming up. >>> a graystart to the day and mild temperatures to start the morning. kind of upper 70s and low 80s. rob will have the weekend forecast. that's where the mystery is in a few minutes. >> nasdaq up 11 and oracle do
Sep 14, 2010 10:00pm EDT
? >>>ell, it took off in marchsh when we announced. but for us it was a regular working day today. obviously we're excited. 49 days to go. and we feel good about our campaign. >> republican challengerrbrian murphy perhapp, may get 15 to 20 percent of the vote. he rrceived the endorsement of sarah palin. what does this mean to you? >> i don't know, i have to tell you the truth, i don't know. sarah palin has her base of support in our pprtt. but so does a lot of other candidates. romney had face of support. and lots of other republicans, john mccain obviously as well. soopeople made a big deal out of it. i guess you were looking for something to report. and i certainly respect her and all of that. but it really did not have much impact. weedid not think it would. >> murphy actually called you a big spender during the campaign. and there were new tv ads from the o'malley campaign taking aim at you with taxes and fees. have yoo seen theee ads? whattdo you think of them? >> the last time he ran negative ads we picked up nine points ii tte polls.3 so we are looking forward to -- not loo
Sep 8, 2010 7:00am PDT
young women of today feel compared to young women of past generation, "elle" magazine and robin myers is "elle"'s editor in chief is with us, wearing white after labor day. >> the 25-year-olds are breaking the rules. >> they don't work, so that's good. >> how did you guys decide -- >> a lot of women who read your magazine are younger. why did you decide to focus on 25-year-olds? >> we're 25 this year. "elle"'s having its 25th birthday. >> what's that like? >> well what it's like to be 25, they're excited and nervous about what's going to happen to them. >> the economy is a huge issue for them. >> it's a problem for all of us. but as you know, they're coming out of college, they're knocking on doors. >> they're moving in with their parents again. >> yes, they're moving back in with their parents and they're looking for love. >> a lot of people are worried about, a lot of young kids are worried about how they look. they're very self-conscious. >> does that ever go away sm. >> it doesn't seem like they are that the self-conscious. >> it's a funny thing, it's the "lake woebegone" effect.
Sep 1, 2010 10:00pm EDT
about elle. we have if i krone. today -- earl. we have fiona and today gaston formed. the parade of tropical storms and fiona has 60-mile an hour winds and it's not too far behind elle. they're sort of like twins out there -- earl. they're sort of like twins out there. it will be a little closer to bermuda than maybe closer to the path danielle took but a much weaker storm. tonight it was hot today in d.c. we got up to 97 degrees. humidity came back a little bit, too. 95 for dulles and dwi and marshall 95 degrees. a real warm one for us. tomorrow not as hot, still above 90, 93 degrees. friday also 90 and then here comes the relief. it's still on track. don't worry, folks, saturday 81, sunday 82, maybe 83, 84 heading into labor day weekend and want to remind you labor day weekend will be pretty sensational even at the beaches. it's thursday night into friday that's going to be rough at the beaches, more on the specifics in a moment. a real quick look at tomorrow, warm, sunny 8:00 in the morning 75, by noon 89 and 4:00 93 degrees. so that's what's going on locally. we have a front
Sep 7, 2010 11:30pm PDT
elles de edificios a un ataque. >> san jose públicos varios archivos a pesar de otra oposición de la agenda del orden y el alcalde y miembros del llamado comitñ de normoas y gobierno abierto se reunirán esta semana para ver si el público debe tener abuso so a archivos policial o ciertos documentos como propone el jefe de la policía, en la campañ política el alcalde prometió transo pa arena en el gobierno pero en principio rechazó propuesta de abrir ciertos archivos. >> y unan liso de la muerte de ocho bebé de cali caí víctimas, y dejó al descubierto que médico diagnósticoaron de forma tardía a pesar que padre llevaron a pequeño a múltiples consultas, vamos con el informe que se preguntan si estos diceses pudieran haberse evitado. >> aunque el hijo de 9 meses ha recibido la vacuna, carolina no deja de sentir uno acampóed de que el bebñ sea infactoado ya que ocho bebé han fallecido en épocae hay aquí en california. >> a veces pensamos que es una simple grip o grip y dejemos pasar. >> cuatro de pequeño que fallecieron er de los Ángeles lo peor de todo que eran tr
Sep 23, 2010 6:30pm PDT
sido creado por nosotros. >> el presidente peruano dijo avances económicos en elling país en dec cada difícil para el mundo entero. >> pero también, una demasiado kragz de la educación que engs ña a pueblos que el camino de desarrollo es el camino del esfuerzo y del mérito grupal e individual. >> 19 3 2 delgados frente a dament ar políticas con distintas demandas. >> pero presidente iraní trajo a la asamblea controversia cuando en el discurso dijo que estados unidos había formado parte de un complot en atentados del once de septiembre, delegación norlt americana y de otros pairsz se levantaron de la sala. >> en la ciudad de new york univisión. >>> y esto son noticias que bueno que estuvieron con nosotros. >> gracias y hasta pronto. >>
Sep 14, 2010 11:00pm PDT
in the neighborhood and in the rubble. reporting live in san bruno, jean elle, san bruno bay area news. >> in the few minutes after the explosion, there was chaos everywhere. for those of us watching the horr horror, first responders rushed to get to the inferno. this is the scene from the chopper as the huge fireball shot high into the air and the aftermath. the scanners give us a chilling sense that the crews on the ground felt just as helpless. >> it appears we have a plane down in the neighborhood. the whole structure is on fire and we have a fireball still coming out. >> as firefighters raised toward the flames, the blast sent neighbors running for their lives. >> we could only go so far because the wall of fire was incredibly, intensely hot. it's beyond anything i can describe. it helped to know there were place we couldn't get to. >> it took nearly a half hour for first responders to realize this was no plane crash. >> it does not appear there is an aircraft down, it appears it is some natural gas explosion. >> for some firefighters, that hit close to home. >> i grew up here, i worked here, an
Sep 6, 2010 5:30pm PDT
. model elle macpherson's phone too. >> such was the culture of intimidation and bullying that you would do it. >> reporter: during a lengthy investigation, "the new york times" spoke to sean hoare, a former "news of the world" reporter who said he hacked into phones, his editor knew it and that editor now works for the british government. what started off as just another nasty tabloid story in london quickly became a hot political issue because the former editor of the "news of the world," andy coulson, is now the communications director for the prime minister. >> i never condoned the use of phone hacking and nor do i have any recollection of incidences where phone hacking took place. >> i've stood by andy and been requested to tap phones or hack into them. he was well aware that the practice exists. >> reporter: in parliament today the conservative home secretary, the nation's top cop, deflected calls for a new investigation. but the left-leaning labor party here smells blood. >> surely if this murky affair rumbles on, will the prime minister come on and make a statement relieving coul
Sep 7, 2010 4:00am PDT
elle macpherson's phone, too. >> such was the culture of intimidation and bullying, that you would do it. >> reporter: during a lengthy investigation, "the new york times" spoke to sean hoare, a former" news of the world" reporter said he hacked into phones. his editor knew it. and the editor works for the british government. what started off as another nasty tabloid story here in london quickly became a hot, political issue. the former editor of "the news of the world," andy coulson, is now the communications director for the prime minister. >> and i don't condone the use of phone hacking. nor do i have recollection of instances where phone hacking took place. >> i stood by andy. and been requested to tap phones or hack into them. he was well aware that the practice exists. >> reporter: in parliament, the conservative home secretary, the nation's top cop, deflected calls for a new investigation. but the left-leaning labor party here smells blood. >> surely, if this murky affair rumbles on, will the prime minister come and make a statement, relieving coulson of his job? >> reporter: a
Sep 14, 2010 12:30am PDT
abuse. they call him elle grande, one of mexico's biggest drug bosses, but now he's in jail. everybody's business. >> i won't mention the woman, but i was going to a skin doctor. i signed in. and i saw this actress' name, who i was very hot for. and i turned around and there she was. i would have seen her, though. but still, i was figuring out what i was going to say. and i went over to her and i said -- i can't say who it was. but i went and i said, i just came out. and for some reason, the doctor and i -- i blamed it all on the doctor. we have the same disease. >> did you know that? >> no. i didn't. we have the same prescription. >> was it venereal? >> no. >> but the point is, she got really upset. >> and i apologized to her when i saw her about 25 years caugh your office by somebody. >> there's always space in andy gallagher gave me more details. >> i have tried this back in the 1990's when the soviet union ran out of money. i think this is quite different. not just economically, but i also think psychologically. remember the communist government of cuba runs just about everything.
Sep 14, 2010 8:00am PDT
college. steve ells, who founded the chain chipotle, graduated from the cia in 1990, and cat cora, known internationally as the only female iron chef on the food network's "iron chef america," also graduated from here in 1995. the greystone branch campus opened in st. helena in 1995 and has been continuously producing top-notch chefs. >> coming here to napa, california, there's fresh almost any kind of ingredient, produce, that you would want. fresh herbs--the herb garden here at cia is amazing. >> here, students cultivate edible flowers, vegetables, and fresh herbs. >> it's learning how tplant, what to plant, when to plant it. >> students feel, and i feel, that by producing our own ingredients, we can become better chefs. we'll get to learn a little bit about our food systems and how we interact with our food systems. we're in a unique position to do that. >> people come from all over the world, studying at the institute in the heart of the lush napa valley, getting an opportunity to learn how to grow, harvest, and market the produce. much of this early morning's harvest will be sold at
Sep 20, 2010 2:50am EDT
a three handicap. i guess that's pretty good. >yeah. that is. >>ell he's traveling to texas to be in a tournament. and he's in the senior division >k >>ause he fifty five years old. and he says "jim, i'm telling you, my left knee is hurting me so bad that i can barely golf anymore". and he said "i've tried all the..", he said "i tried the drugs then they pulled 'em from the market, i've tried natural glucosamine and these products, nothing worked". and i said "here i got a product for you. i'd just like you to try it". and he said "is it a glucosamine product?" and eh, i said "yeah it is". and he said "well i've tried those" and i said "the reason why this one is going to work for you garry, is two reasons. one, we use the absolute best glucosamine. >right >> it's called nag. n acetyl glucosamine. >sure >>which has been clinically proven to be the.. >more effective >> more effective... >right >> the body... >right. >>.. than the other two forms >sure >>and two, its because of the synergistic blend... >right >>..of the formula. the boswellin, the ashwagahnda, the
Sep 1, 2010 6:00am EDT
that hee4hers id and -ell me about the department.3 >> we have clotthig, photography, fine rts, group %-crafts, woodworking, ellctric. so science, and look at this >> what department is this rom? >> this is an aars and crafts and it falls n our recycled you can definitely tell it's recycled beccuse they usedú pieces of cardboaad that they got from gift boxes or thiigs that thiigs were shipped that they pulleddapart. >> this made by a 4her in our seniir category. he is between the age of 14 and and i jjst love the ood burning and the detail on the top of his bench. these 4hers work all yearlong and this is the showcasing of their projjct. >> tell me what the 4hers are. ú% head, hands and health. ú% i always wondered what. you can check out the 4h building heee. the fair is going on through th3 6th of september.3 we will be out here all morning and bring you the latest n all >>> one of biggest attractions attthis yeer's fair wwll be a concert featuring justin bieber. %-suuonsunday, septembbr 5th. the show is sold out, but you can win tickets from us sometime today. >>> bett mich
Sep 7, 2010 10:00pm EDT
are -pening doors that i cannot ell you what the effect would be. it coulddbb phenomenaa or terrible. we don't know. because you are giving somebody control now over something that for so long. net neutrality, inttrret salesng tax social security also on the3 table. >> both of them speak to the how small business can say compete ú% but doyle said this too could >> if taxation becomes involved, if ifps have to begin to raise rates to stay neutral to everybody, the small and the large alike. >> leaving ee small web desigg company struugling to keep up. >> i hope that three out o five peepleeddn't have the power to change an industry that services and employssmillions.3 >> megan gilliland, fox 45 news at 10000. >> and the debate is far from over. severaa ggoups say net -eutrality is a good thing. >> they say it would ensure equal access to websites, no matter whose network hosts them. for groups for anddagainst net neutrality. go to links. find out how your computer could help save the chesapeake bay. that's tonight's "word on the web". >> we're sending the message to %
Sep 8, 2010 10:00pm EDT
ell you. as for neighbors. it was a iasco none will forget. >> it is crazy. you got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. seven firee. >> flames tear down homes. >> in the second house right there. and kept chaining down. >> first fire started in the 1300 block of north calhoon. homes. two were vacant, the third had occupants that were not at ome. >> eople that use drug, go in these buildings and smoke their stuff. and, yoo know, set stuff on fire. >> the fire spreaddacross the street. five more homes. up in smoke. then. >> we watch both fires be put out. and we have a bass disaster on the next blockk >> two blocks over, on north keri street. >> you ave about 300 firemen here. >> another four-alarm fire. nearly 100 firrfighters, and 40 scene. >> a little frightened..3 but not really all that scary. burning.time, two homes. one vacant. the otter occupied by this womaa. >> i got phone calls. >> at that moment, our cameras cauuht this woman being carried away. overcome by smoke. %-investigators say there is a good chance the windy day could be to blame for spreading the fire. rep
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